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A Poem To Raise Your Spirit(s)

Look to the Sky to see the Light
For when you hang your head
You cannot see the stars
When you raise your gaze
Then you raise your vision to beyond what was marred
Do not strip your intentions
To swim with the dark shadows beneath the surface of the sea
Instead make friends with the waves at the top,
as it is with them you should be.

Andrea www.tempdirect.nz

If Only I Were A Little Bit Taller

Sitting upon my Daddy’s shoulders
I could see into the distance
Peering over the heads and obstacles
I could see far more than I imagined

However as I got older
And his shoulders, well they got smaller
No longer could I sit aloft
I Wish I Were Just A Little Taller

The smoke in the distance
Wasn’t signals from the fire
Rather it was life approaching
If Only I Were Taller

I could have seen around the banks
And crossed over the raging seas
Ahead to the calm clear waters
A painted life of luxuries

Alas that wasn’t to be
And hindsight is my friend
And this is the lesson I learn
From now until the end

Being Taller Gave Dad The Advantage
Although He Too Knew Hindsight
As Lessons Are Learnt From Above
No Matter What Your Shoulder Height

Andrea www.tempdirect.nz